Norah Mahony

Go from fluff to BUFF with your affirmations

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Let’s talk about AFFIRMATIONS. These tiny sentences we say to ourselves over and over to achieve greater heights in our life.

Why does it seem to work for some and not for others? (Read on to find out )

My life is fuller than it has ever been. I feel fuller and more whole than ever before.

Before that I was feeling stagnant and using food/alcohol/tv to escape, to wind down, and relax. I did not feel happy with who I was and I did not have much confidence to start my own business, even though I deeply wanted to. I simply did not feel good enough for that success.

So did affirmations change ALL of that?

Not exactly .

It started with realising that my thoughts were ruling my life and realising I had a lot of work to do to change the negative narrative and making a decision to put the work in.

So what can you do to get better results and go from FLUFF to BUFF in your affirmations and therefore your results?

Raise the vibration of your thoughts! (Your results will be in line with the thoughts you think. Low level thoughts = low level results & vice versa).

Affirmations are a simple but powerful tool. They are made up of positive statements that you can download and repeat from an app or the internet, or you can make up your own to add that bit of personality and power to them.

Repeat them as often as possible. Become emotionally involved in every word. Don’t just rhyme them off or multitask with the load of washing or childminding while listening. That doesn’t work. Sit, be still, get excited, believe what you tell yourself – and then start to make positive, inspired changes.

The trick is making your mind believe what you are telling it.

So how can you make affirmations work for you in 3 simple steps?

  1. Pick the right ones for you, don’t just copy them from somewhere. To do this, find yourself a quiet comfortable space and write down all of the negative thoughts and emotions that you feel are preventing you from moving forward right now. What do you see as your negative qualities as a person? Pop them all down, don’t ignore any thoughts coming up at this stage.
  2. Using the list you have made, turn them around to produce a positive affirmation. So for example, I am scatty and disorganised can be changed to I am creative and I flow with the inspiration process. But use what resonates with you, and make it fun!
  3. Begin to read your affirmations every day, as many times as you can (you can reprogram your mind faster the more times you do the process). Why not also record them on your phone, and listen to them while visualising your amazing future ahead of you. Visualise those results happening NOW – not in the future. Do this process sometimes looking in the mirror. Look at that amazing person in front of you transforming her life! Show her love and gratitude because she is amazing.

My clients see amazing results that mindset and strategy alone simply doesn’t get them. You need the soul work too.

Clients report results like:

  • Clarity in their goals and daily work
  • Feelings of joy and connection becoming a part of daily life
  • Feeling confident and ‘good enough’ to move forward towards big goals
  • Reaching goals that they used to only dream of
  • Watching their monthly income levels rise and clients and opportunities coming towards them.

I regularly hear from my clients and their wins and it lights me up.

It seems to long ago now when I used to think I wasn’t good enough to run my own business!

Affirmations played a huge role in my transformation , so try them out and let me know how you find the process.

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