Ready to take control in your life and the results you are currently getting?

You know you are meant for more. You can feel the passion inside of you but it’s not showing up on the outside.

Something always seems to happen that stops you moving forward.

Well It’s time things changed!

It’s time to grow. It’s time to create clear goals, build your confidence and let go of what’s not serving you, while feeling good and having FUN in the process.

It’s time you got RESULTS.

"Norah is an amazing transformational coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is encouraging, patient and understanding but also strong and direct in helping me push forward and realize my goals and dreams and I am already reaping the rewards of working with her."
Kate Smith
Coaching Client
"Norah is a special woman who truly makes an impact in people lives. She is a genuine deal and has so many Taklents and skills to help her clients tune into their potential. Norah really entices people to step beyond their limitations so they can live a more fulfilled and happier life."
Jo Le'Febour
Coaching Client

I’m Norah Mahony.

I a soul-led success coach and consultant with a worldwide client base.

I offer coaching and consulting to those who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or directionless in life or

I support people to build a clear path and let go of what is holding them back so they can reach new heights in their lives and get the results they desire.

I am certified in and use a combination of life coaching, hypnotherapy and other healing modalities to support my clients to success.

The answer to your success – life or business – is to be ALL of you.

When you step into your power, everything changes.

You begin to attract all of your goals at a much greater speed you ever thought

No more blocks in your way.

"Thank you Norah, With your ongoing interest and support of me and my journey you’ve made it possible to look at my business in a whole different life. I’d probably STILL be undercharging if it wasn’t for the brief time we spent together."
Stephanie Wium
Coaching Client
"Norah has a calm, flexible but incredibly encouraging manner that helps you achieve your goals.
The journey I have been on since the beginning of this year has been incredible. Norah is exgtremely professional but also so kind and caring and genuinely cares about her clients and celebrates their success but also has an innate skill of being so gentle when supporting their journeys and upskilling.
I have worked both one to one with Norah and also in her groups.
I love both and it never failed to amaze me how much I gained from the Norah and other ladies in the group sessions.
I can't emphasise how bgrateful I am that I have worked with Norah, best investment of time and money I have ever made!"
Maria Cahill
Coaching Client

Ways to work with me

Whether you need support with your life or business, I can help.

We can work together 1:1  in various different ways or you can apply to become a member of The Success Circle ™.

Whatever blocks you have that are getting in the way of your success, work with me to overcome them and reach your goals.

"Norah puts her heart and soul into her work. She really cares about me as person. I’ve grown tremendously in my life and living the life of my dreams with her caring, intuitive suggestions and support."
Lori Lee Duesing
Coaching Client
"I cannot recommend Norah enough because she really is fabulous. She listens carefully and identifies key stepping stones for you to begin your journey. Norah follows you lead and her beautiful kind nature guides you by using strategies created for you such as visualisation and meditation. Norah expalines everything very clearly to you and works flexibly to meet your needs.
I enjoy all our 1:1 sessions and participating in the wide range of on-line training because it is always so positive and interesting. That woman has a wealth of knowledge! She shraes her wisdom openly, willingly and always with enthusiasm. She is passionate about her work and giuves her clients one hundred percent because she cares.
If you want to make changes, move onwards and upwards with Norah at your side. You will not look back."
Elaine Dean
Coaching Client