Ways to work with me


Let’s work through whatever it is keeping you stuck right now. Confidence, building your online business, anxieties, overwhelm, planning, breaking a bad habit; whatever block is holding you back right now, I support you to take back your power and succeed. 

This soul-led success and hypnotherapy 1:1 8 week program is €897.

Contact me to find out more and book your space.

I only have space for 2 new clients per month for these sessions so you may have to book in advance. Payment plans available.

The Success Circle ™

You can apply to become a member of The Success Circle™.

Six months with me by your side, guiding you through The Success Method™. You will work through a step-by-step blueprint to bring you structure, confidence and results with your goals at lightning speed, so you can get the success that you want and deserve in life and business.

You learn and practice the system you need to receive true success in life.

Apply here to chat with me about the opportunity to become a member of The Success Circle. Application only.


1:1 support for 6 or 12 months with coaching calls, healing sessions and Whatsapp support in between.

Book in for a call to discus this option and see if it is a good
fit for you.


I love helping new businesses to flourish, get a brilliant routine going and get clients. And support stagnant ones that need a shake up!

I know the importance of mindset and planning your business to work in alignment with your values in the early days.

I also love RESULTS. So in this package we do both! It makes for a healthy business and a happy client.

During our time together, we focus on your business for 8 weeks. The package includes 1:1 sessions and support in between. We work on the strategy AND the soul you need to succeed.

If you’d like some more information book in for a chat here.

Not sure what you need?

Are you ready to rise?

You are a magical being.

We have infinite potential and so often we forget that.

As human beings, we limit ourselves.

We believe we have limits and that setting and achieving goals is hard.

It’s supposed to be fun! That’s when results flow to you.

Your thoughts become things.

Your dreams can come true, everything is possible for you.

You CAN do this.

You can claim your place.

Say YES to you.

Say YES to a life you don’t every want to escape from.

Say YES to the CONFIDENCE, the clarity and freedom you will gain.

Ready to connect with your future rich self and bring in all that you desire in your life NOW?