New Frequency Sessions with Healy Resonance

I offer distance sessions via Healy Resonance. 


Healy is a frequency device used to balance the body’s bioenergetic field and activate your body’s self-healing capacity.

'Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it, Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.' -Albert Einstein

Everything has an energetic frequency, even our bodies and our organs, which can be measured in MHz.

Disease also has a frequency, which is usually a lower vibration, while health is of a higher vibrational frequency. Disease can’t exist in a higher vibrational frequency environment.

As well as physical benefits in alleviating discomfort and conditions, and speeding up the healing process, it can also help to balance your meridians, your aura, and your chakras as well as cleanse and purify your mind, body and soul.

Distance sessions take around 1 hour per session, and the basic session costs €111. PDF copies of your results are emailed to you immediately.  If you wish to add a coaching session along with the Healy session, the cost is €249 and lasts up to 2 hours. You can expect to move through what is holding you back during our session and raise your vibration so that you can receive better results. 

During our session, or prior if pre-arranged, you will be asked for your date of birth, birth place, current residence, your telephone contact number, e-mail address, and a real time selfie, no glasses. 

You are welcome to tell me your concern, although the scans might advance an alternative theory as to underlying issue/s.


We will meet on zoom and I will guide you through a guided grounding session to support you in relaxing into theta state and setting your intention for the scans. I will then run energetic scans through the quantum field, to determine what your biofield is requesting physically, emotionally and/or psychologically to begin to restore balance. This process works even if you cannot be present for the zoom call – it works on your information field that is collected.

The scans ran identify the top 5 individualized programs your body is asking for. I send those electromagnetic coded applications under all categories contained within those top 5 programs, through the quantum field to your biofield.   

I then drill down deeper into the top 2 categories within those 5 programs and send you those defined individual frequencies.   

Additionally, I will run a program of your choice: Flower Remedies, Materia Medica, Gems, I-Ching, or a named specific need and send those to your field.

NOTE: You may decide to purchase a Healy device to continue self-healing work on yourself, family, friends, children, or pets. I am happy to discuss this and provide the service for you – contact me.


Healy is based off Time Waver technology which has been used successfully used by doctors, for many years.  Every cell within the body (organs, tissues, joints, etc.) and every dis-ease, is identified by a specific electromagnetic signature. The program applications transport waves into the body’s field, helping restore homeostasis. 

Programs sent through the quantum field, defined by the scans, can detoxify, nourish, strengthen, and balance the individual’s bioenergetic field and organ systems. Microcurrents and vibrational healing techniques have been documented since the early 1940’s with machines like Rife technology, which is based off the earlier work of Nikola Tesla. 

144,000 Healy Bioenergetic Frequencies for:

  • Pain Programme
  • Sleep Programmes 
  • Skin Programmes
  • Digestion Programmes
  • Thyroid Programmes
  • Stress Programme
  • Cell Regeneration Programmes
  • Anti-aging Programmes
  • Aura Enhance Programmes
  • Chakra Balance Programmes
  • Memory Programme
  • and more…

Healy Benefits

  • Promotes body-mind-energy homeostasis balance 
  • Optimize your bioenergetic and emotional balance 
  • Enhance DNA & RNA regeneration 
  • Boost immune system
  • Decrease pain and discomfort 
  • Anti-aging / Cell rejuvenation 
  • Enhance mental clarity 
  • Enhance learning abilities 
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep and rest better 
  • Deep relaxation
  • and more…

Contact me to book your Healy Session.

An overview of what the Healy can do for you