Norah Mahony

Why most goal setting doesn’t work and what you can do instead

Setting goals and going after them doggedly doesn’t work.

I paid 10s of thousands to find this out.

So many programs I have completed in the past tell you to set clear goals and then take action, and no matter what happens, KEEP moving, KEEP taking action, DON’T let anything stop you. Visualise it, believe it, achieve it.

And I did practise it. For years I did that. I’m nothing if not determined!

The problem with this attitude that I was taught and held is that I was operating in a masculine energy (think do-ing energy, action, providing).

The more I set my determined goal, the further away it seemed to move.

For years I wanted to move house, but with the decision ultimately being out of my hands (it had to be ordered by a judge), I had little control over taking action. I had no choice but to wait. The more I tried to look outside the box, the more I felt boxed in. I felt like a ravaged animal trapped in a cage. A big goal to get out, and yet, no way to get out.

You get back (results) what you put out there (think of how you are feeling) and I was getting more feelings of desperation as I kept trying to find a way out.

This had a huge impact on all of my other goals – because I was operating in a low vibration. So I was getting low end results.

Coaches told me to connect with the goal – become the person who has it all, so if I want to move house, look up new houses! Visit show homes! Get excited about living there. But all that did was cause more frustration.  The more I psyched myself up, the harder the fall when the next court date fell through.

EVENTUALLY, through my own practices of deep dive meditation and journaling, it all became so clear where I was going wrong.

I had been missing out a fundamental piece to my goal setting and go getting – I was not in the right energy. I was taking advice from coaches who didn’t know my situation and I was giving my power away. 

Because my power was taken from me in relation to where I could live, I believed it was all gone and I subconsciously acted like it was gone.

I was putting it out there that I had no power, living in that low vibration energy and so what was I getting in return? Low vibration results.


You see, the thing with goal setting is that while we need to set goals, we also have to let them go (yes the dreaded word, surrender)!

The universe (or divine, or God, or whatever your belief is) will teach you something until you learn it.

The month after I had this realisation and switched up my energy by doing the internal work, I got the green light to move house.

Moving house was amazing, and a lot of other goals came to fruition over the same period of time:

*I had my highest ever income month in business

*I was offered a holiday which was going to cost me practically nothing! (this holiday was on my vision board)

*A fabulous investment opportunity presented itself and I invested in it, and it is still working for me in the background today.

*I felt freer, lighter, more blessed, grateful and at ease.

As I had unlocked and released the stagnant energy I was holding onto, it unlocked the results I so desperately raced towards for years.

It was easy in the end!

Your energy determines your results. I prove it time and again in my own life and business.

Giving your power away will not serve you, whether in business or life. It’s up to you to find the method that works, before you hand it over to someone else for support (think sales and marketing in business or manifesting a house move in life).

Group programs are great, but getting to the heart of an issue generally takes much longer in that kind of environment. Following a cookie cutter process misses vital pieces in YOUR energy, which you need to shift in order to receive. 

That’s why I switched up The Success Circle to a 1:1 support structure. Because I want my clients to get big breakthroughs. Fast.

I support my clients to decide what steps will work in order for them to reach their goal. It’s personalised to each individual person so together we can build an aligned action plan that works in balancing out the masculine feminine energies, building a big goal that won’t repel. Instead, it will bring in those big results much faster.

And yes, we take action. Lots of action, but it’s aligned action, and only when the energy is flowing.

I do goal setting a different way. And it works!

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I look forward to speaking with you.

Norah x