Are you ready to accelerate your results?

I know it feels hard.
The overwhelm.
The confusion. 
Wondering, are you on the right path? Are you doing things right?

You know you are meant for more, you can feel the passion inside of you, you have dreams, but it’s not showing up on the outside.You know the right support is vital to your success.

There is so much noise out there with coaches promising the world.
A solution for every problem.

You feel desperate to solve your problem & reach success already! So you believe them and you sign up, and it doesn’t work for you.

You wonder what is wrong with you that you can’t succeed with your goals like others do. (spoiler alert – there is nothing wrong with you)!

You do have what it takes… that’s a fact.
It’s not showing up on the outside yet simply because there is a piece of the jigsaw missing. 
It might feel like no matter what you try there’s more issues, more problems.
It might feel like that, for some reason, things keep getting in the way of your success.
Bad habits, Confusion, procrastination, self sabotage, lack of confidence & overwhelm.

So you take it slow and don’t move forward.

Ambivalence is killing your dreams!

After some time, you promise yourself  things will improve again. And they do for a little while –  but then you feel like it’s two steps backwards again.  
It’s not that you are not trying or putting the effort in – you are! And it is so frustrating.

Time is moving on regardless.

You know this, and you are ready now to find the routine that WORKS for you. In the real world.
To find that missing jigsaw piece and bring in your results.
I hear you and I’ve got you!

My name is Norah and I know how you feel.

My life used to be exactly like that. 

I could see time pushing on, I wanted change, I knew I desired more, I tried to move forward, but nothing ever changed long term.  I always ended up at the same place where I started. 

Outwardly, I was a success! I ran a charity that I set up and often held classes and activities in the community. I was married with beautiful children and a fabulous house. 

But on the inside, it wasn’t true.

I was unhappy, in a toxic marriage and I felt worthless. 

I was working full time for pittance pay in a charity that I set up to help others. 

I drank too much wine in the evenings to escape the overwhelming emotions and help me avoid the reality of the way I was feeling. 

I worked hard every day to make my situation better but the results always stayed the same. Long term, nothing changed. 

I came to the point where I knew it was sink or swim. 

I knew my bad habits could end in addiction if I did not face up to them and make different choices every day. 

I had that burning desire in me to help people – but I needed to find a way to do it that did not burn me out and leave me with no money at the end of every month. 

It began with the decision to change.

I hired Coaches, CBT therapists, Virtual Assistants, Healers and Hypnotherapists and went on a journey to transform my results and get the success that I deeply wanted. I trusted in my journey and invested tens of thousands, reinvesting money my new business began to make for me.

The deeper I searched inside of myself the more I realised that the answers lay in doing the work on the inside, not the outside. Change begins in the mind. Success comes from within first, always.

When I looked back into my childhood, I noticed the same patterns – my behaviours were pre programmed to be at a certain level because it is all that I knew. It is what my mind BELIEVED was my success level.  I had to break those limiting beliefs, those barriers. I had to HEAL and ALIGN with the part of me that was limitless. Otherwise, my results would not stick, no matter how hard I worked trying to make it happen.

And when I did this? My life began to transform faster than I ever thought possible.

It took me years to find the right solution, with the right balance, support, accountability and training. 

I’ve completed energy programs, I’ve trained as a hypnotherapist, a life coach, and a belief clearing specialist as part of my journey as a coach and healer. I completed the TIR program with Bob Proctor, I’ve completed a 12 month energy transformation system, I’ve completed a deep healing program and I took some great pieces from each program. 

There was great learning in every one. Every one had a slice of gold. But they all lacked something that I had to search for elsewhere.

And I was wasting time! 

I wished there was one place where I could get all of the support, the HEALING, the growing, the mindset, the strategy, the training, the accountability for ALIGNED action taking. 

So when I completed the jigsaw puzzle, when I found the method to success, I compiled my own success system which offers it all – The Success Method™. It integrates ALL of the work needed into ONE system. 

Follow my Success Method™ and you cannot fail. Literally. I share the method openly with everyone. 

But we know that doing it on your own it can be challenging to follow consistently. Without support and accountability you can veer off track with all of the distractions of life.

So, from The Success Method™ I’ve designed a bespoke program to guide, hold and support you through the process, so you don’t have to keep searching for multiple programs anymore to break through the blocks that come up as you move through the process. 

Now I bring the best pieces of my work to you.

Introducing The Success Circle™

You can expect powerful growth, development and healing on this journey. 

Currently a 6 month group program, you will be in a group of ambitious  individuals who together create a powerful energy that the universe must listen to.

There are 6 steps that we follow in The Success Circle™:

1. Decision

What do you want?

What do you REALLY want?

Without the noise, without the limiting beliefs?

Connect with your subconscious and decide.

2. Design

Build a clear vision, know your why, your vision, your goals & your life script.

Connect with them daily.

Begin to access your subconscious and make changes in your world.

Surrender, open up to the amazing possibilities. 

3. Align

Heal & Align.

Bring your higher self into alignment.

Let go of the past habits and blocks holding you back.

Replace them with Success Habits! 

4. Priceless Planning

Tackle the money blocks holding you back.

Plan your morning for success.

MAP (massive action plan sessions) your future action taking, 

5. Sustained Success

Repetition and accountability.

Surround yourself with other successful people, join a mastermind group to hold you accountable.

Gratitude for all you are receiving.

6. Aligned Action

Take action every day with your MIT(most important task) list from a space of HIGH energy so you can receive HIGH end results. 

The steps and the modules covered include:

Module 1: DECISION

  • What’s not been working – It’s time to take ownership (Recent Review)
  • What do you REALY want?
  • It’s time to dream – be guided by meditation and hypnosis sessions especially developed for The Success Circle  – open up your subconscious and your mental faculties to make success EASY.
  • All about ATTITUDE
  • What is your why?
  • Creating your powerful statement of change

Module 2: DESIGN

  • Know your why/vision/goals
  • Its time to write your life script!
  • Let’s access the subconscious for change
  • Surrender baby! It’s time to open up and stop those blocks to receiving!
  • Giving it 100% (YOUR 100%)
  • What are your values – it’s time to deeply connect with them and vision what your future holds when you stand in your power.

Module 3: ALIGN

  • Bring your higher self into alignment
  • Letting go of bad habits
  • Creating your success habits
  • Overcoming your limitations
  • Belief Buster Success Sessions – Powerful group coaching sessions where we uncover what YOUR blocks are and remove them. Think of a huge tree blocking the whole road. How can you pass by? You have to remove the tree. The same applies with your mind.
  • Accepting You as a powerful creator 


  • Tackling Money Blocks
  • It’s time to make more money, honey!
  • Creating your Morning Mindset
  • M.A.P’ing out your next few weeks in life/business
  • Creating your M.I.T (most important task) each day
  • Plan your success from the start. Claim it. Be it.


  • Repetition
  • Accountability
  • Mastermind
  • Gratitude
  • Surrounding yourself with successful people.
  • All of the principles of success lined out for you in a process you rinse and repeat every month, seamlessly, enjoying the process.


  • MIT every day from space of high energy
  • Review Morning Mindset
  • Recent Review – look back and review the last few weeks
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Using the Mastermind group to support your growth, build intuitive ideas for your life/business so you become unstoppable.

These steps were the crucial steps I needed to transform my life. I brought the best pieces of my trainings, learnings and growth to design this program so you can RISE.

To save you a TON of time.  

It took me almost 5 years to collect all the pieces of the puzzle. You don’t need to do that.

Ready to sign up already? (If you apply and are not suitable, a full refund will be given.

Now? I am happy and grateful, and I feel joy in every single day.

Alcohol no longer plays a role in my life – it is not an emotional crutch.

I am worthy and I value myself – I put myself first.

I speak kindly to myself – I LOVE myself.

I run a successful business helping others to reach success fast.

I am a #1 Bestselling Author on Amazon in nine different categories.

I have healthy, daily, consistent habits that support my growth. I swim, eat consciously, enjoy massages and spa days and I nurture my body every day.

I work less hours in my business than ever before, so I can spend time with my children, and still earn more per month than I did working full time.

I have healthy relationships with strong, kind and caring people who value each other.

I notice the little things – nature, laughing, good health, and I give constant gratitude for it.

Success is a FEELING. All the outward goals in the world are worthless if you cannot enjoy them.

When you FEEL success the outward goals come as a byproduct of that – with greater ease and flow than ever before.

We work on the strategy AND the soul to design and reach your goals FAST.

The Success Circle™ is for the person who is ready to go all in. To give time to their goals. To get support, guidance and save tons of money and time.

You can expect:

  • Create clear goals
  • Conviction
  • Confidence
  • Accountability
  • Structure
  • Save time 
  • Clarity
  • Direction 
  • Alignment 
  • Powerful group coaching experience
  • Group healing sessions
  • Guest experts to support your growth
  • Mastermind – be a part of one and stay in it long after your time with The Success Circle™ ends.
  • Healing sessions
  • The Success Method training
  • Save money – get it all in one group – The Success Circle™

Are you ready to rise?

We are magical beings. We have infinite potential.

Yet as human beings, we limit ourselves.

We believe we have limits and that setting and achieving goals is hard.

It’s supposed to be fun! That’s when results flow to you.

Your thoughts become things.

Your dreams can come true, everything is possible for you.

You CAN do this.

You ARE enough.

It IS safe to SUCCEED.

You CAN claim your place.

So will you do it? 

Will you take your position and power and use it?

Are you ready to rise?


1.  ALL of my pre recorded support, which is for sale to the public,  such as my alcohol hypnosis sessions, stop smoking programs, success recordings, visualisations and meditations are yours complimentary! (Worth up to €3500)


2. I am gifting you a special hypnotic recoding recorded session that will bring you into alignment with your power from the very first time you listen, so you are fired up and fabulous before we even begin! (Worth €260)


3. A full complimentary library of training on running your business. Includes all the top, up to date information you need to run your online business including marketing & sales, plus the environment you need to create to win at your business. I am ALSO including contacts of reliable Virtual Assistants who will support, which will save you YEARS of trial and error! (Worth up to €3800) 

Full values of the bonuses is over €7560!

I am gifting these to you, as part of signing up to this program.

Are you ready?

The Success Circle™ is for you if: 

  • You are ready to connect with who you are and what you want. Ready to quieten the noise and look within.
  • You know you are meant for more, but you keep getting lost along the way.
  • You accept (or are open to the fact) that there are parts of you that need healing so that you can start getting those results you really want.
  • You are ready to activate YOU.
  • You deeply desire to bring the future, successful results you desire into your reality NOW.
  • You are ready to go all in on your goals. You don’t have to know what they are yet. But you do have to know that you want the next 6 months to be very different from past results. You are tired of the same old thing.
  • You are READY to bring the future, and the successful results you desire, into your reality NOW.
  • You are an ACTION taker, and are willing to move through the barriers holding you back.
  • You want to make an impact, for your family, yourself, the WORLD!


This is not for you if: 

  • You cannot commit to doing the work.

  • You think that I can do the work for you.

  • You are looking for a quick fix.

  • You are not interested in breaking bad habits.

  • You are not serious about bringing in the results that you desire. 

What others say about working with me:

"I began working with Norah over two years ago, when she supported me to quit drinking alcohol with hypnosis. Every day she was available for questions, encouragement and suggestions. I was successful where I had failed many times before. Then, I worked 1:1 with her on achieving my goals and my best life. At one point, after meditating, journaling, and visualization, I created a Vision Board during a workshop. With the power of thoughts, feelings and aligned actions, I have achieved just about every goal on my board in the past 15 months."
Lori Duesing
"I can highly recommend Norah as a life & business coach because she enables you to identify and own your goals. She scaffolds smart steps of success to achievement alongside you. Norah is current and intuitive. Norah presented appropriate challenges for me that reaped rewards quickly and gained publicity in my business. Norah motivates you and supports you to be a driving force for your business. Norah is a powerful businesswoman who wants other women to succeed."
Elaine Dean
"Norah is just fantastic at coaching. I’ve been working with her since July (it’s now early October). My confidence and self belief has rocketed, while smashing through blocks and achieving my goals that I have set! If you want to succeed but not managing to do this by yourself, give Norah a call. You won’t regret it!!"
Louise Byrant
"Norah´s coaching is amazing. She knows how to get me started and pushes me just right. Norah´s knowledge and coaching towards my goals suits me perfectly. She has all the solutions I asked for. In a month I have come further than I have ever done before. And I just love my personal hypnosis session to listening to every day. I can really recommend Norah´s coaching to anyone who is not advancing in their business, things are transforming really quick."
Ingela Stenvall

Are you ready?

I am a soul led success coach and hypnotherapist with a worldwide client base. 

I support people, just like you, ambitious and striving for more,  to design and reach their dream goals in business and life.

It’s your time!