Norah Mahony

The number one reason people fail and how to change.

How can you stop moving on the hamster wheel of sameness ? the process where you set a goal, you begin your journey, move towards it and then end up going two steps back?

Let me tell you the number one reason why most people fail or why people are failing is because they’re failing to plan. Fail to plan and you may as well prepare to fail. It?s an old saying and it stands in its truth.

Before you decide your goal (a whole process on its own), the preliminary stage is desire.

You might have an idea that you want to set up a new business or make big changes in it and you know you have a great idea! You set your goal, but then are you connecting your desire? Where did your goal come from? Is it because you heard that there’s good money in the project? Or is it because somebody else is doing it? Or is it because you have a deep desire to do it?

If you don?t have a deep desire to achieve your goal, if you don?t have an emotional bond, then the minute that the going gets tough, you’re just going to give up because there’s no desire there. Choose something that you love, something that you’d do for free. If you would do it on a voluntary scale then you know that you can do it on the tough days, and you can connect to that deep desire.

Often the desire is connected to your why.
Ask yourself: Why do I want to do this? Why this particular goal?
Open up your levels of imagination in this preliminary planning stage. It?s all about allowing your mind to expand and dream ? connecting your desire and your reasons.

For example, when I was starting my own business it was largely because I want to help others. I?m a service giver. I also want to be there for the children, I don’t want to be in a 9-5 because I want the freedom to move around and to choose my hours. That’s my why and it runs deep. It connects to my values (freedom, family, integrity) and my belief system (I?m great at helping others to reach their goals, I am an entrepreneur). So on the crappy days? When I start considering a non-stressful 9-5?  The neural pathways in my brain connect me back to why I?m doing this ? and I realise a 9-5 is against all that I want and all that I am.

So it?s really really essential to connect with your why and acknowledge your reason for choosing the goal that you are choosing. Be precise. The mind loves clarity (and the universe too).

This simple process also has the benefit of getting you emotionally involved with your desire and goal setting.

Like anything you do in life, if you don’t mix emotion with your thoughts they don?t bring change. Thoughts mixed with emotions, determine what actions you’re going to take every day. So the thoughts alone aren’t good enough. The affirmations aren’t good enough on their own. You have to get emotionally attached. Get emotionally involved. Think about the words that you’re saying. Enjoy them and really feel what it is that you’re saying because that’s how you change your actions.

What structures do you have in place? I?m not on about the strategic structures. You’ll always have a to-do list to do in business, set up a company choose a name, get a website promote and all of that and that’s part of running a business but that’s not what is going to bring you success or
failure. It’s what practices do you have in place to use your mind to bring in that success.

What do I mean by that?

When you get up in the morning? What’s your mindset like? How are you speaking to yourself? Maybe you’re getting up early because you want to work before the kids get up. And you’re getting up and you’re thinking to yourself ?I hate getting up early’. Guess where your mindset is at?  It’s in lack. So you’re not at your best. But you control your mind and you can change those thoughts simply by choosing to change them.

So when you’re getting up in the morning, you get up and the old program is going to say, ?I don’t like mornings? and you simply just say ?No, I reject that thought?.
Change and use the thoughts you want to use, ?I get to work on my business this morning?.? I get 45 minutes now of peace and tranquility? or whatever it is for you. ?I?m so grateful to be able to get up?. ?I’m so grateful for the heat in the house allows me to get up in a warm house?. Whatever it is, choose your thoughts. Be strategic about the way that you’re speaking to yourself first thing when you get up in the morning and use your mind from a space of gratitude and abundance because that’s what’s going to bring in the results.

In life and business – you will get more of what you put out there. If you’re in a space of lack if you’re finding business harder ? then it is going to be hard.

What if it was easy?

Change your thoughts. That’s where it has to start. That’s where everything starts. It?s quantum physics. So consciously choose to think in a better way. Ask yourself the right questions in the morning.

So I invite you today to connect within and ask yourself:
?What are my values?
What is my why?
Am I on the correct path based on those simple ingredients?
Am I working on my mindset before all else?
Am I controlling my thoughts?
Journal on these prompts.
Journal on them, journal on everything you’re grateful for in your life, journal on everything that’s going right in your business what’s going right, what have you got done. What steps have you achieved already and really train your mind to come from a space of abundance rather than lack because that will bring you in the results much faster than simply doing the strategy from a poor state of mind.

And when you start to succeed? People will say, you’re ?lucky?. But you know it’s because you planted those seedlings of abundant thoughts, that you use the correct ingredients for growth in your life.

We all get caught up in negative thinking. Negative thinking is part of life. It’s actually how our brain is designed. It takes effort to switch it up and to rewire those neural pathways in the brain but you absolutely can do it and without a doubt it is the number one thing that you must do to succeed in anything in life.