Norah Mahony

The Art of Letting Go: Grow Your Business By Doing Less, Not More.

In today’s hustle culture world it’s all too easy to become caught up in the relentless running towards our goals. Yet, we often forget to check in with our energy and this along with our current mindset has a huge effect on our results.

In this blog post, I want to share my own personal journey and how the power of letting go (or surrender) catapulted my results in business, reminding us all that our energy and mindset play a vital role in how much business success we achieve.

1. Morning Reflection: Embracing Letting Go

Each morning, I journal and connect within. One of the most powerful prompts is this: “How can I let go a little more today?” This simple prompt sets the tone for my mindset and energy throughout the day. It serves as a critical reminder that our approach to our goals is just as significant as the goals themselves. But it wasn’t always like this for me!

2. Harnessing the Energy Surrounding Your Goals

In the area of service-based businesses, it’s not just about taking action steps; it’s about the energy we hold around our goals and business development. It’s important to remember that if we approach our work with a sense of need or scarcity, we will attract more of the same – more scarcity, more hustle. Our energy acts as a magnet, either drawing success towards us or pushing it away. It’s quantum physics (thank you, Joe Dispenza)!

3. Belief and Emotion: The Keys to Achievement

While setting goals is absolutely essential, they are only a part of the jigsaw puzzle. Your mind needs to believe you can achieve them! You have to feel the emotions and sensations of success even before realising your goals. It’s not just about hard work but about working with intention and positivity. Quite often this means slowing down to get better results, not speeding up your workload.

4. The Pitfall of Desperation Energy

I remember my early struggles in my entrepreneurial journey. As a newly single parent of four, I faced a LOT of challenges and worked day and night to grow my business. At that time, 5 years ago, I believed that hard work alone would lead to success, until I realised it wouldn’t. Living in the desperation energy, I was unconsciously pushing potential clients away – a common issue many of us service based business owners fall into, a fear of failure looming over us. This leads to a cycle of sameness. You are doing more work, but you are not getting better results.

So what can you do about that?

5. The Power of Surrender

My own turning point arrived when I learnt the concept of surrender. Working with an energy coach, I recognised the energy I was putting out and realised my energy needed so shift. The following month in business brought in more money that the previous 6 months combined. I got huge results by simply working on my energy, both in terms of income and client satisfaction. I went from scarcity and lack to gratitude, trust and belief. The only thing that I changed that month in my business was my energy around it. This experience taught me a massive lesson that I always work on with my service-based clients who are looking to grow their business: altering your energy is a must if you want leads to see better results long term in your business.

6. The Magic of Visualisation and Mindset

When you journal, journal as though you already possess everything you desire. Our mind doesn’t know fact from fiction. This practice aligns your mindset with success, and your mind believes you are already getting the results you are after, and so you get more of the same. It also gives you motivation and inspiration and makes it easier to believe in and achieve your goals. When your mindset is in the right place, you will begin to notice how much easier it is to bring in the results you have been moving towards for some time.

7. The Challenge and Reward of Surrender

I challenge You to give this approach a try and observe the results. Goals without action are just wishes, and action without surrender is just hustle. Striking a balance between intention and allowing is the key. It takes practice, which is why you will often hear the phrase ‘The art of surrender’. If you want to save a lot of time and money on your journey to success, by learning the full, detailed process, getting support will do that for you.

8. The Goals Mastery Blueprint Course

If you are ready for a step-by-step program that will guide you through the process of setting goals the right way – with all of you on board with the process, then my 6-week Goals Mastery Blueprint course is for you. While goal setting is certainly part of the journey, it’s not where we begin. Instead, the program works on aligning your energy and mindset first, so that when you start setting goals, you can take action and see results much faster than you ever thought possible before.

My journey shows one example on the power of letting go and aligning your energy with your goals. This article is your gentle reminder that success doesn’t solely hinge on hard work and determination but also on the energy and mindset you bring to your work. If you want to experience a massive shift in your business and life, consider trying out the nuggets of practice around surrender and energy alignment that I’ve shared with you here.

And if you are ready to deep dive into it – check out some information on the Goals Mastery Blueprint 6 week course HERE.