Norah Mahony

Self Care When Becoming Alcohol Free

Self care is hugely important when becoming alcohol free.

I found it really difficult in the beginning to put myself first, especially with 4 children, it’s some kind of badge of honor to go around frazzled doing everything for everyone else!

But,, it was something I had to learn if I wanted to stay happy and free. In the beginning, I forced myself to do simple things like have an early night instead of washing floors or cancel a play date for the kids I just didn’t have energy for. Don’t bring guilt with you in making these decisions either. That’s going against self care too! I know It’s difficult when you have been using alcohol as a reward for so long, to let go of it and replace it with something that is actually beneficial for our mental health. But do it, it will get easier.

Now nearly a year later I put myself first a lot. Happy Mum happy Kids! But it took time and effort for change. My new favorite self care is meditation. I’m becoming addicted to it and it feels much better than alcohol – before and after. Why not give it a go. Start small,? 1 minute of sitting in silence and gradually increase it, see how it feels after a few days and let me know, i’d love to hear from you!

Much love,

Norah x