Norah Mahony

Mindset vs. Strategy

Mindset Vs Strategy – which is more important to reach your goals?

I always encourage my clients to have written, clear goals and to visualize their achievement: How you feel when it happens, where you are, who you are with. Then to set intentions and action steps for the week based on those goals. It?s the fastest way to get results. 

Is mindset that important? Do we need to spend time writing and visualizing? Lets delve into that a little today.

What do you think is most important when you have goals? Business or personal goals it doesn?t matter. What?s most important when you get up in the morning? Is it more important to get going and burst forward with the action steps and the strategy? Or should one be connecting with the future you desire first?

We could have 30 hours of training on this and it wouldn’t cover everything that I would like to cover on mindset versus strategy. This article is sharing a few simple points. 

What?s most important all of the time and every time is mindset. ALWAYS check your mindset first, before you leap ahead with the doing and the strategy. 

Let me tell you why.

Mindset determines what vibration you’re in. Simply put – we all vibrate at a certain frequency. Everything has a vibration. Low vibrational frequency equals low results, high vibration equals high results. 

How is this? Well, this is because you attract everything to the same frequency. So, if you’re in high vibration and you’re working towards your goals, then, you are going to attract high end results because higher emotions have higher results. Whereas, where you have maybe a low mood or upset, these vibrate at a low level and thus you end up with low end results.

With energy – you attract what you put out there. Like attracts like.  There is no point sitting down at your desk in the morning and turning on your laptop and outreaching to 25 people if you are wondering where the next client is coming from or if you believe that they probably won?t get back to you anyway. Those low vibrational thoughts will bring you low end results.

Take getting up early in the morning as another example.  If you’re thinking that it?s so hard to get up and you hate having to do it, guess what? They’re low vibrational thoughts. You’re making it hard on yourself. First of all, you’re perceiving it to be hard so it feels hard and the results you get are going to in line with this frequency of your thoughts and actions. You’re pushing through it and feeling hard. 

Lets try this again using positive mindset:  You get up in the morning and you spend 20 minutes in a mindset practice. For example, maybe you are listening to visualization connecting you to your goals, getting yourself excited and pumped up for all of the endless possibilities that lay ahead of you. You’re getting inspired, and guess what inspiration is? It?s high vibration! You’re raising your frequency!  And so now, you begin to feel better getting up in the morning as you choose your thoughts, by saying ?I can do this? or ?I love Monday mornings or early mornings?, because you are realizing the power of thought alone.

By choosing that mindset and words, eventually, your mind will believe what it has been told. You literally can go in there and choose the way you want things to be. When you’re exercising that mindset, even if you don’t believe what you’re saying in the first days, it does become easier. And as it becomes easier, you get easy results because the high vibrational frequency that you are bringing to your routine attracts high vibrational results.

Yes, you also need strategy. Strategy is important and you need action. Lots of ALIGNED action. Coming from a space of lack of pressure or disbelief on where you’re going, then you’re not going to get the results that you desire. 

Think about your current goals and results and what vibration you might be working on for your life, your surroundings. What are your thoughts? Do you think you’re going to achieve them? Or is half of you thinking, ?I’m never going to achieve it even though I really want to?. You got to have faith and trust. And how do you get them? Through mindset work! It’s always through mindset work and study. That’s fundamental to all of the other work that you will do that is why mindset has to be so much more important. 

The strategy without the mindset? All the strategy in the world won’t bring you where you want to go. It’ll bring you a certain way. The masculine energy is going to get you results. Of course, it is. But if you’re not tapping into the feminine which is the BEING, the sitting with yourself, dreaming, visualizing, connecting, looking after your mindset – the feminine aspect of your movement towards your goals, then you’re blocking that link to receiving. And if you’re blocking the link to receive, guess what? You cannot receive everything that you desire.

So, start dreaming more often. Dreaming and believing and visualizing! Then take some aligned action and reach those goals much faster.

I hope today, I have given you a small insight into the power of looking after your mindset.

Having a mindset routine every single day that you don’t move away from regardless of whether it’s 2 minutes or 22 minutes, or an hour and 22 minutes, is fundamental to your success. 

Check in with your thoughts often.

Have a beautiful week 

Lots of love.

Norah x