Norah Mahony

Christmas & The Dreaded FOMO

FOMO! or Fear of Missing Out can rear it’s ugly head around holiday seasons when our brains remember all the previous parties, the fun, the laughter with families, friends – and alcohol!

How are we gonna enjoy Christmas now?

What about the Christmas morning baileys? (This was one of my questions last year when I decided to give up alcohol for a year)!

How will I have fun without having FOMO?

Our brains are semi brainwashed into believing alcohol brings fun. Even though we gave it up (or want to) because it brings more illness than joy, we wonder how will we ‘get through’ each day without our little crutch (well I did).

Yet, once we acknowledge that it is our brain conditioning sending these emotions, we can turn them around. We have a choice about how we feel and we have full responsibility for it. We can decide to embrace the holiday season with joy and grace, or we can feel that we are missing something. Ultimately, the decision is ours.

I don’t begrudge those who make the decision to drink alcohol – it is none of my business – but I have no interest in joining in – I don’t like drinking alcohol as a self care pleasure step (which I why I though I drank) when it is the opposite – a downhill spiral into anxiety and wanting more.

So lets feel the JOMO instead! Joy of Missing Out – being happy to turn down invites that don’t pleasure you and using this as a self care pleasure step instead!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With Love,

Norah xlife-coach-18-3