Norah Mahony

Can you recognise your inner voice?

Can you recognise your inner voice?

Often, your mind pushes and pulls you as you move toward the life of your dreams. 

You get an inspired idea to do something and you feel great about it, but immediately after the doubt creeps in. 

You know that your vision is for your future, you have a deep inner feeling of what needs to be done, but it seems so far away and your inner voice tells you there’s no point, you’ll never get there. 

Any big decisions take a leap of faith. Choosing to write that book, start that program, sell that package, buy that house, car, holiday. It all comes with a degree of faith. 

You have faith when you book because maybe the car will break down, or the holiday will be cancelled. But chances are, you have done the process before and so there is a degree of trust built up there. 

And this works for you, because your minds default is to  live in the past. It loves to do what it has already done before.

So if you are looking to make new or  big changes, the ego wants to pull you back. To keep you safely tucked up in yesterday.

What does the ego look like? 

  • It is the voice that tells you you’ll never make it.
  • It tells you it’s too much hassle.
  • You’re not good enough to do that.
  • It ushers you towards food/alcohol/TV to shut off your higher mind and keep you in your ‘comfort’ zone.

I never understood why it is called a comfort zone actually. I was deeply uncomfortable there, but I didn’t understand my mind and so I didn’t know how to change. Not for long anyway.

Until I learned about my mind and my other voice and how to manage them effectively.

And you have another voice too, . A voice that knows the path to your goals, the path with least resistance, with least work and least struggle. It is your higher self.  The gut instinct. That deep ‘knowing’ before the ego mind kicks in. 

The more past trauma you have the louder your ego mind will be. But it can be managed and quietened when you become aware of it and work through the trauma (trauma for one person means something totally different to another. If it is holding you back, it’s your past trauma). This then allows your higher mind to speak to you louder and more often, so you can experience those leaps towards your goals as you act fast.

Are you ready to change the voices in your  head, to take back that control and reach your goals with confidence and ease?

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