Norah Mahony

Attract more money into your life NOW

Do you want more money in your life? 


Is achieving a higher income and financial stability one of your BIGGEST goals?


You?ll be unsurprised to hear that you are not alone! Many of my clients want to attract more abundance into their lives. However, they are often held back by their own subconscious beliefs around money. The truth is that financial success starts in the mind! In order to manifest more money, you first need to overcome your mental money blocks. 


What are money blocks?


Money blocks are a mindset, thought or feeling that prevents you from accomplishing your financial goals. So it isn?t just your financial habits keeping you stuck! Without overcoming these blocks, you will not be able to attract the financial success you desire. 


Common money blocks:


Limiting beliefs


Have you ever thought I will need to become a millionaire to afford that or I?m just not the sort of person who earns that kind of money? These limiting beliefs around money are holding you back! In order to overcome this you will need to become more conscious of your thoughts and then actively challenge them. For example, instead of: I?m just not the sort of person who earns that kind of money, you could instead think I am working towards my income goals and excited to keep earning more. 


Harboring jealousy and resentment 


Spending your time and energy being jealous of others with more than you feeds into a lack mentality. If you are focused on negative thoughts that leave you feeling resentment, you will struggle to attract abundance. When you recognise that you are jealous of someone, try to see this as a positive instead. It?s hard I know! But this feeling actually indicates that you want something in your life – and you can take the necessary steps to earn it. 


Avoiding your finances


Do you often find yourself paying your bills late? Maybe the thought of checking your bank balance fills you with dread. I get it! But avoiding your finances in this way is an act of self-sabotage! You need to tackle this avoidance head on. Set up a budget and get into the habit of checking your spending regularly. 


Not forgiving yourself for your money mistakes


Mistakes happen! You cannot go back and change the past. BUT you can learn from your mistakes in order to change your future. Acknowledge where you went wrong, truly understand what you could have done differently and plan that into your future money decisions. 


Exercises to attract more money and wealth 


Now that you?ve tackled your money blocks, it?s time to call in abundance! One of the BEST ways to do this is to focus on the wealth you already have in your life. Showing your gratitude for the health, love and community you have around you will emit vibrations that will attract more abundance into your life. I know this sounds a bit ?woowoo?! But gratitude is a powerful emotion. Make a daily habit of noting down 3-5 things you are grateful for – and watch your life CHANGE.


Spend what you have on the things that really matter – and be thankful that you are able to do so. Every time you pay a bill, do so with JOY. Be grateful that you are able to afford the things you are paying for. Isn?t it AMAZING that you have internet access and hot water? Develop a more positive relationship with spending money in order to attract more of it into your life. 


Stop self-sabotaging. Sometimes, without realising it, we stop ourselves from being successful because we are afraid. Maybe you don?t trust that you make sensible financial decisions so earning more feels like you?d have even more to lose. Maybe you worry about how people would view you if you became financially successful. It?s important to unpack these beliefs to understand where they came from. It could be a limiting belief that stems from how your family spoke about money and successful people. Or it could be to do with your current social circle. Begin to understand that these beliefs are not facts. Challenge them with alternative, more constructive thoughts.

You can also practice money affirmations to help you overcome blocks and attract more wealth. Try incorporating some of the following phrases into your affirmation practice. 

  • I am ready to receive all the wealth that I deserve
  • Earning money is easy for me
  • I live an abundant and joyful life
  • There is no limit to how much I can earn

While using these affirmations, visualise your life as if you already have the abundance you are working towards. How does it feel to be financially successful? What would be different about your life? Tune into the emotions and feelings that come up for you and embody the version of you who already has the wealth you desire. This activates an abundance mindset. When you believe that money is all around and you can acquire more whenever you need it, the universe will respond to you in kind. 

Are you ready to COMMIT to your money goals and CLAIM your success? It?s time to stop believing that other people can achieve great things while you have to struggle. YOU are the sort of person who attracts money with ease. You absolutely CAN earn more than you ever thought possible. You just need the right process.


The Success Method? is a 6 step process that walks you through the steps to take to GUARANTEE your success. It eliminates the blocks holding you back so you can completely TRANSFORM your life. 


This method is the core of the Success Circle?. A powerful group program which  kicks off on the 1st June to help you achieve huge growth and get RESULTS.

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